Poster: Flowers From Jericho

Poster: Flowers From Jericho

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A3 riso poster by Matilda Bull from her exhibition Flowers From Jericho.

Flowers from Jericho is a new exhibition of riso prints created by Matilda Bull during her residency at Out of the Blueprint in the Spring of 2024. Fuelled by fury at the genocide in Palestine, Matilda has used her time to produce protest posters and artwork calling for action and solidarity.

A word from the artist:

“Dedicating my residency time to Palestinian liberation was a no brainer. As an artist, speaking out is more important than ever - having this platform is a privilege, and I feel an obligation to speak out. My work alone isn’t revolutionary, nor groundbreaking - I’m adding my voice to existing cacophony, calling for action, calling for our country to fucking do something.

The driving force of this project is my outrage. At the current massacre in Gaza, at the ongoing Israeli apartheid across Palestine, at the enabling actions of our governments. At the hypocrisy of it all. At the 75 years of injustice endured in Palestine.”

Matilda Bull


Sustainably printed using rice inks on recycled paper, certified carbon neutral and made with wind power. 

Shipped in a cardboard tube.